At Neologic, our core experts and experience accord us with supremacy to understand your smallest to broadest detail. With Neologic you have combined process and automation resources along with expertise under one roof.

Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Service engineer shall visit the plant and attends following work.
    1. Maintenance schedule for components like valves, pumps etc.
    2. Checks performance of equipment
    3. Suggest spares required.
  • Equipment shall be connected to cloud/server with help of IOT technology.
  • It shall be possible to monitor and log equipment running hours and arrive to maintenance schedule.
  • It will help to prepare the preventive maintenance schedule for each component.
Spare Inventory

Frequently needed spares for all components like pumps, valves, Automation are kept in our ware house and easily available.

Customised Training

Detailed training provided to customers staff to build their efficiency.

Support by Alfa Laval

Regional service network for services. Service training for maintenance team.

  • Launch complain with help of mobile app.
  • Generates service call tag in SAP.
  • Service engineer shall be assigned to job and same shall be informed to customer by SMS.
  • Service call shall be attended in defined time
  • Customer to send the confirmation about the work completion and closes call through mobile app. The call shall be closed only by customer’s mobile app and not service engineer.
  • Manager shall get alert if call is not closed in defined time.
  • Remote access modem opted with system enables service person to access system remotely and reduces break down time