Clean In Place Unit (CIP)
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Neologic Engineers Product
Automated Modular System

Clean In Place Unit (CIP)

for food and dairy industry

At Neologic, after a research and experiments, we have come up with a unique modular CIP system specially designed for dairy and food industry. The system consists of module, CIP tanks and a distribution piping. These tanks are separately filled with water, a chemical mixture called lye and acid. The cleaning object like process tanks & piping are connected to CIP station by hygienically designed distribution piping’s.

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Industries that require high level of hygiene rely on CIP and they include dairy, beverage, brewing, pharmaceuticals, processed foods and cosmetics. Cleaning In Place (CIP) system of cleaning the interior surface of pipelines, vessels, filters, process equipment and associated things without dismantling. Depending on the processing practice and load of soiling on the process equipment, the cleaning solutions may be used for single cycle or recycled and reused for multi use. Cleaning-In-Place systems shortens the required time for cleaning, besides using detergents and disinfectants at higher concentrations and temperatures, as well as the recovery of the cleaning solutions. The automation of these systems also allows for safe and reproducible results and economic optimization of the process. In CIP system, cleaning solutions used include various types of detergents, sanitizers or disinfectants.

The efficiency of cleaning and sanitation of milk contact surfaces are widely influenced by many factors like the character of contamination, micro topography of surfaces, straightness of passage ways, compatibility of surface agent.

  • PLC based fully automated CIP station.
  • Controls of all important parameters like time, temperature, flow, concentration.
  • Modular design.
  • Lye, acid, water, steam consumption is optimized.
  • Meets the hygiene requirement in food industry.
  • Reliable components.
  • Easy for operation & independent on operator skills.
  • Flexible for expansion & connectivity to existing automation system.
  • CIP of aseptic equipment’s.
  • Quick installation & commissioning.
  • Single circuit CIP module.
  • Double circuit CIP module.
  • Three circuit CIP module.
  • Four circuit CIP module.
  • Tanker CIP module.
  • Beverage CIP module.