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CIP system:

Benefits of our system
  • PLC based fully automated CIP station.
  • Controls of all important parameters like time, temperature, flow, concentration.
  • Modular design.
  • Lye, acid, water, steam consumption is optimized.
  • Meets the hygiene requirement in food industry.
  • Reliable components.
  • Easy for operation & independent on operator skills.
  • Flexible for expansion & connectivity to existing automation system.
  • CIP of aseptic equipment’s.
  • Quick installation & commissioning.
CIP System Product1
Types of the CIP modules
  • Single circuit CIP module.
  • Double circuit CIP module.
  • Three circuit CIP module.
  • Four circuit CIP module.
  • Tanker CIP module.
  • Beverage CIP module.
CIP System Product2