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Reception modules


Normally the raw milk from the tank contains lot of air entrapped in it. It creates the heating problem in the processing of such milk. The reception module eliminates the air entrapped in it & ensures the complete emptying of the tanker. It also measure the milk quantity received per tanker.

Benefits of our system
  • Variable speed drive to the unloading pump ensures the energy conservation.
  • Fully automated & operator friendly. All required parameters can be accessed using supervisory password.
  • The flow rate can be changed as required to suite the existing installation.
  • Keeps the track of tanker count & also totalize the milk for each tanker.
  • Designed to connect any existing automation system, for unloading & CIP sequence controller.
  • Modular design.
  • Meets the hygiene requirement in food industry.
  • Reliable components.
  • Easy to connect in existing system.
  • Fewer operators dependent.
  • Quick installation & commissioning.
Reception modules11