Neologic Engineers Product

UHT Steriliser Module

Designed and fabricated by Neologic Engineers, the module is a variable speed, tubular UHT plant. It features a system of heat recovery by a loop of sterile water. The tubular heat exchanger of Hipex make, is a ‘polytube’ or shell and tube heat exchanger. It is rugged and flexible to suit sterilizing application. The shell and tube is an array of tubes welded into a compact bundle within a shell

Technical Details

Capacities -
2000 - 15000 LPH

Regeneration efficiency
up to 75%

Features of attachment
to homogenizer & deaerator

  • Milk
  • Dairy cream
  • Flavoured milk
  • Milk shakes
  • Soya milk
  • Drinking yoghurt
  • Non-dairy cream
  • Butter milk
  • Juice
  • Juice concentrate
  • Improved product integrity
  • No moving parts
  • Lower maintenance
  • Product thermal uniformity
  • Lower capital cost